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Kenyan Company Sanergy Among 15 Finalist of £1million inaugural Earthshot Prize Unveiled by Prince William

Kenyan company Sanergy is among the 15 finalists of the inaugural Earthshot Prize unveiled by UK’s Prince William. The Earthshot Prize is the most ambitious and prestigious of its kind. The prize was initially launched in October 2020 in a bid to search for inspiring and innovative solutions to problems currently facing the planet. Each of the contestants has a chance of winning £1million to support their innovative environmental solutions.

The 15 finalists, three in each of the prize’s five categories were selected by experts who were looking for innovative projects that had a ‘significant positive impact,’ on both the natural world and people.

“When we launched the prize last year, our ambition was to find the most innovative solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. In the first year of the Earthshot Prize, we have received over 700 hundred nominations, representing solutions from every continent,” Prince William said.

Earthshot Prize Inspired by US ‘Moonshot’ Programme

According to Prince William, the Earthshot Prize was inspired by US President John F Kennedy’s ‘Moonshot’ program, that united millions of people around the globe for one goal—reaching the moon.

The Earthshot Prize aims to mobilize collective action around our unique ability to innovate, problem-solve, and repair our planet.

In 2018, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) issued a special report on global warming of 1.5°C that highlighted grave warnings of global warming beyond 1.5°C. The 2021 IPCC report warns of climate change’s rapid acceleration, which prompted the UK to call for greater global ambition on climate action.

“I am honored to introduce the 15 innovators, leaders, and visionaries who are the first-ever finalists of the Earthshot Prize. They are working with the urgency required in this decisive decade for life on Earth and will inspire all of us with their optimism in our ability to rise to the greatest challenges in human history.

Sanergy Serves 140,000 Urban Informal Settlement Residents Daily

Sanergy is an innovative social enterprise working in urban informal settlements to deliver high-quality lavatories and sanitation facilities. The company builds affordable sanitation products designed specifically for urban slums, and franchises them to community members to serve all residents.

Sanergy serves 140,000 residents daily and removes more than 20,000 tonnes of waste annually. Part of their objective is to partner with the government as well as other stakeholders in key Kenyan cities to increase sanitation coverage to serve 1.3 million Kenyan citizens.

Sanergy was selected for the ‘Build a Waste-Free World’ category.

“At Sanergy, we are building a waste-free world by producing insect protein and organic fertilizer from organic and sanitization waste. In doing so, we are feeding the world and cleaning up fast-growing cities,” Co-founder & CEO David Auerbach said.

Kenya Is a Regional Leader When It comes to Climate Change

The Earthshot prize is an urgent call to action to the world aiming to turn the current pessimism surrounding environmental issues into optimism, by championing inspiring leaders and helping to scale incredible cutting-edge solutions. It will discover 50 winners over 10 years with the power to repair the world.

“I am thrilled to see a Kenyan company has been named a Finalist of the inaugural Earthshot Prize. Kenya is leading the way in tackling climate change in the region and as the UK we are proud of our partnership as we work together to tackle climate change and build clean resilient recovery from COVID 19,” British High Commissioner, Jane Marriott said.

Other innovative companies selected regionally include, Democratic Republic of Congo’s Pole Pole Foundation, and Nigeria’s Reeddi Capsules.

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