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Kaptagat Farm Resort Review: Botanical Garden at the Edge of a Forest

I was fortunate enough to visit a true botanical garden in the Northrift, Kaptagat Farm Resort, that’s at the edge of a forest, 25km from Eldoret Town. Kenya is at the center of the conservation of endangered plant and animal species.

Recently, Kenya and the world said goodbye to the last White Rhino, Sudan, at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. The Kakamega Forest is also the country’s only tropical rainforest, which’s believed to be its last part of the remnant ancient Guinea-Congolian forest. The late Wangari Maathai, an environmental activist, Nobel prize winner, a global icon, and founder of the Green Belt Movement, also hails from Kenya.

Kaptagat Farm Resort is a beacon of hope for the country when it comes to environmental conversation considering Kenya’s rapid urbanization of rural areas, real estate, infrastructure, and commercial agricultural development that’s fast threatening its iconic natural green spaces.

Nairobi, once famous for its green spaces, is also slowly turning into a concrete jungle. Recently, iconic greenery on one of its major city roads was uprooted to give way to a major expressway, aiming to ease congestion in and out of the city. And while the city is working hard to save its green spaces with impressive sustainable projects like Michuki Memorial Park, rapid urbanization and real-estate are posing a threat to the environment.

Kaptagat Farm Resort: A Review

The Kaptagat Farm Resort is right next to the road, driving from Eldoret town via Kaptagat road. It’s approximately 25 km from A104 Eldoret-Nakuru road. It earned a spot in this blog due to one thing, environmental conservation, and sustainability. The owners clearly have a knack for botany and gardening. Their spaces simply spark up because of the plant life. There’s zero effort trying to artificially modify the place with marble floors, illusionary lighting, or modern finishes – Kaptagat Farm resort is simply a natural marvel full of natural color, diverse birdlife, and nectar foraging insects.

Its iconic decagon-shaped structures, neatly nestled behind lush gardens, give you a sense of peace and tranquility. Yoga enthusiasts will give anything for a morning or late evening session at their picnic areas. It’s a wonder why training marathon athletes spend their afternoons at this location.

From my full-day experience at Kaptagat Farm Resort, it is geared towards conference facilities, Wedding and events packages, Team building and recreational facilities, small gatherings, family outings, and seminars. While they offer walk-in-like restaurant services ‘by order’, their services are not focused on individual patron services. Walk-in patrons looking for a fast-food restaurant experience will be thoroughly disappointed since food is prepared from scratch, by order(longer wait times).

Kaptagat Farm Resort Garden

Perhaps the most iconic feature on this property is the amount of time and effort invested in gardening. The garden work is mind-blowing. There’s a mix from the common garden flowers like Gazania, Star of Bethlehem (Agapanthus), Euphorbia, Peace lilies to the Giant Egyptian Papyrus. Their garden is something to marvel at and is full of activity from the diverse birdlife and insects it attracts. The natural sounds inside the premises have a tropical jungle-like acoustic feel.

The garden spaces are divided, with unique spaces, surrounded by hedges and well-thought-out sitting areas, perfect for meditation and relaxation. The Resort has a terrace design that drops down to a majestic river at the edge of the picnic area. The river is not accessible to visitors (reasons best known to owners), but there’s a decent view from the sitting areas. The picnic area is dominated by Acacia Trees that offer an authentic African Safari shade picnic experience. I have never really enjoyed a cup of tea under a tree as I did here – I must admit the tea here is to die for (It needs an entire page review).

It’s hard to miss a unique recycling-gardening technique, where ground plants are fused on logs, hedges, walls, and trees bonding and blossoming like parasitic plants would in a tropical jungle. At the center of the garden, and perhaps as a master-piece showcase, there’s a giant tree that’s been completely covered by vines to the top.

Ponds and Cottages

Kaptagat Farm Resort has a couple of bush stoned cottages with a unique decagon design and full view windows that run from the ground to the roof frame offering 360 views to residents. It’s a honeymoon kind of experience ideal for couples looking for a bush gateway experience in nature.

One of the cottages is constructed right in the middle of a pond, with one side neatly covered by papyrus and a trail that runs around, surrounded by flowers. It would be a marvel to be here after the rainy season when the flowers are in full bloom. There are a couple of ponds all over the property but unfortunately, they were dry due to no rain. However, they are cleverly situated near sitting areas, hidden in-between trails that run through-out the compound.

Bar and Restaurant and Conference

The Mill Bar

The Resort is designed for outside dining. There’s an iconic bar, “The Mill Bar,” right at the center of the garden, with the same decagon design, and a huge flat-screen TV for sports fans and sitting areas for patrons.

Considering the full view window design, the bar is poorly lit, probably due to the dark color choices and the fact that’s there’s a lot to see outside, of course. There’s a conference room on a storied decagon design cottage, with drapes and decent space for a sizable gathering. This space is ideal for team building for corporate meetings.

On the far end of the property, there’s a concrete type ‘bandas’ with bush stone design, ideal for large gathering private dining sitting approximately six in a u-design. There’s also a second bar on this site that’s probably only functional on occasion.  

Kaptagat Farm Resort Accommodation

The single cottages are amazing from the outside; I could only guess how they look inside (I am sure they are fancy, considering they were all booked). Kaptagat Farm resort also has standard rooms on a one-story building. Twin beds for two-person sharing and a double-sized bed, both with the same dimensions, nothing fancy (just a room with a bed and a separate space for a bathroom with a hot shower).

There’s a full two rows of these style rooms, with the bottom one under renovation. These rooms are ideal for seminars, corporate training, and team building. They have no view, apart from the one you get on a shared balcony that overlooks a canopy of river flowers with huge leaves underneath.

Which Popular Attractions are close to Kaptagat Farm Stay

There are a number of popular attractions close close to Kaptagat Farm Stay including:

Naiberi River Campsite & Resort

The Naiberi River Campsite and Resort is an extensive resort that boasts a camping site, garden, river, and exquisite accommodation for nature lovers looking for an out-of-town experience. Naiberi Resort is about 5 km from Kaptagat Farm Resort.

Kolol River Lodge

Kolol River Resort is about 3 km from Eldoret Town and 24 minutes to Kaptagat Farm Stay. The main attraction is a Dam with a scenic waterfall. Kolol River Resort has accommodation facilities, a bar and restaurant.

Are Pets Allowed in Kaptagat Farm Resort?

Kaptagat Farm resort management allows visitors with pets on their premises. However, visitors are still advised to keep a watchful eye on their pets as they enjoy their surroundings. The resort has its own geese and dogs.

Does Kaptagat Farm Resort provide Free Wi-Fi?

If you plan to host an event such as a wedding or a conference, the management will facilitate Wi-Fi services. At the time of writing this review, the garden area did not have any Wi-Fi coverage.

Does Kaptagat Farm Resort have a restaurant?

Kapatagat Farm Resort has a restaurant, pub, and dining facility within its premises. The management also has a picnic area in their gardens where visitors can enjoy meals in nature. However, their meals are served on order.

My Take

Kaptagat Farm Resort is a great place to visit, especially if you are looking for an out-of-town, in-tune-with-nature kind of experience. Its botanical gardens are nothing I have seen before, with a collection of diverse plant species that are uniquely planted in-between. There’s no doubt that the owners are well-read and experienced in beautifying spaces. This place is heaven for bird watchers too.

It’s my opinion that the owners take advantage of the river that flows on the edge of the property. While they have tried to incorporate a canal system all around, there’s an untapped potential the river offers. It would be great to see a pebble beach since the river flows shallowly. It would give patrons something else to marvel at during their visit.

The management should also seriously consider creating a package for love birds, road-trippers, and local honeymooners. This space appeals to them and would be beneficial in a time when local tourism is booming.

All in all, my visit to Kapatagat Farm Resort was epic. I would do it again and again and again.

Note: This is an unpaid review. All the data was gathered by the author and expressed in their logic and opinion.

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  • Beautiful review! “It’s hard to miss a unique recycling-gardening technique, where ground plants are fused on logs, hedges, walls, and trees bonding and blossoming like parasitic plants would in a tropical jungle.” I have been there personally and this personal touch is what appealed to me most! It paints a good picture of the keenness which was applied in the landscaping, along with the purity of intention for guests to connect with nature.

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