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Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Digital Marketing is increasingly becoming important in business and is perhaps the most changing corner in the marketing world. The moment a new technology comes in, an old one is grandfathered out. Digital marketing has proved to have unparalleled resilience over the years, and particularly during the global pandemic.

The year 2020 will go into the history books infamously or famously for many reasons. For marketers, it will be remembered as the year that the eCommerce marketing trend was forced into overdrive, rapidly shifting from brick to mortar.  

Trending 2021 Digital Marketing Trends

With all the rapid changes and uncomfortable shift of technology, there are several marketing avenues that small businesses can adapt to their advantage in 2021. This post will share a few areas where small businesses can incorporate into their digital marketing strategy.

Adjacent Search

SEO is the cornerstone of digital marketing; however, most brands aren’t tackling the issue appropriately. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting a particular web page to rank higher for specific user query keywords for most small businesses. In theory, this is fine. However, some nuances are ignored in how audiences perform searches online.

According to top marketing specialists at the International School of Advertising (ISA), about 75% of users research a company online before doing business with them. A big part of that research happens online. While most companies aim to rank from a narrow column of keywords, it’s essential to consider as many searches as possible related to your business.

Making the Most out of your Google Business Page

A lot of marketers know about Google My Business (GMB) but simply choose to ignore it. Well, Google has made a lot of updates and features on GMB that many marketers are entirely unaware of.

For most small businesses, simply filling in the skeletal details is enough, which, frankly speaking, is a lost opportunity. Filling in all the details on your GMB page will not only promote your business better but helps boost your local search rankings. It is well worth every effort.

Make sure you fill out each section with accurate information. Upload clear, good quality pictures and ask your clients for reviews.

Video Content

Today, quality content is at the heart of any digital marketing strategy, but the demand for content changes. Unfortunately, the blog craze of the 2000s is coming to an end, and a new video wave has arrived.

Between embedded ads, YouTube, and TikTok, video has emerged as the medium to beat when it comes to quality content. Fortunately for marketers, there’s an appetite for all forms of video content from short-form to long-form, animation to comic content, and more. The formats are endless. All digital marketers need to do is produce content that reflects their business brand, and they will get an audience for it.

Email Marketing

Let’s face it, emails from businesses get a lot of bad rep, and most people often think of them as those annoying emails that get sent right to the spam box. You probably don’t know that when email marketing is done right, it can be a gold mine. Email marketing is inexpensive, and if done well, it can result in valuable conversions.

Digital marketers can also use emails to build brand awareness. Don’t just collect any emails. Ensure they are qualified leads. To avoid getting spammed, use lead capture forms to collect website visitor details. Your goal here is to collect emails from quality leads and grow your email list. After that, you can develop email campaigns targeting individuals on your list.

Bottom line

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic has done a number on the business landscape, but as the saying goes. “with chaos comes opportunity” – if you are willing to embrace change too. Moving forward, makes sure these tips are part of your 2021 digital marketing campaign.

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