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Advance your Career: Top 5 Professional Certifications in Kenya 2021

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In case you are one of the few people who are lucky enough to find a career they enjoy, there’s an excellent incentive to aim higher on the proverbial ladder. One popular way Kenyan professionals enhance their worth working for their employers is by earning professional certifications in Kenya related to the industry they are pursuing.

This pro-active choice keeps them relevant and current with industry trends in tech, media, and other areas that are continuously evolving in that field. By being relevant and present in your profession, you are offering yourself an opportunity to advance in your career.

So, what are the top certifications for professionals in Kenya?

Fortunately for you, we have listed some of the best certifications for career advancement. These courses were handpicked following extensive research using the following criteria:

  • The academic reputation of the courses
  • Employment trends in the country
  • Statistical evidence from human recourse specialists on increased salaries associated with certifications
  • Published reports on career guidance from industry experts

5 Professional Certifications in Kenya 2021

Some of the following certification programs are offered online. Exceptions are indicated. For more information about the courses, view the links for clarification.

IBC Integrated Business Communications

Integrated Business Communications or also popularly known as IBC, is a professional course offered by the International School of Advertising (ISA) and provides a strong foundation for professionals looking to progress or advance their career in Marketing Communications.

IBC is recommended for mid-level practitioners in Marketing, Communications, Client account Management, Media Management, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations.  This course is designed to help professionals broaden their understanding of marketing communications, especially for individuals looking to start their own marketing services agencies.

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is a professional marketing course offered by the International School of Advertising (ISA). The Chartered Institute of Management is one of the world’s leading marketing body, boasting over 28,000 members globally. CIM was launched in Kenya to help marketing professionals advance themselves in their marketing careers while creating value and fostering excellence.

Chartered Institute of Marketing is ideal for both those looking to start a career in marketing or looking to progress their marketing qualifications. The course can be taken at varying levels of professional marketing and digital marketing qualifications, giving professionals a chance to advance through the stages to enhance their skills and career.

Digital Marketing

Technology is advancing, forcing more and more businesses and companies to dive into the digital world. This has significantly increased the need for professionals as well as businesses to be conversant with digital media.

Digital Marketing is a popular course ideal for most professionals across various fields looking to compete in the digital landscape. The African Digital Media Institute offers digital Marketing Certification for professionals to help professionals develop key marketing disciplines from SEO to PPC, Social media Management, Analytics, and more. This course is ideal for professionals at varying levels of their career and can significantly increase a professional’s competitive edge in marketing locally and internationally.

Programming Certifications

With the world of technology ever-evolving and computers becoming more and more part of our daily lives, learning computer programming is essential. Moringa School is perhaps one of the popular institutions in Kenya offering programming courses for professionals at all levels in diverse fields.

This course helps professionals understand the techniques and tools required for software engineering, website development, and database management. The course of structured in different levels depending on the direction a professional is looking to advance their career or skills. With the initial foundational course, professionals can learn the art of programming using algorithms, string manipulation, data structures, resource management, software engineering, security, encapsulation, and web development.

Association of Business Executive Program (ABE)

A popular professional certifications in Kenya is ABE. The Association of Business Executive (ABE) program is best for professionals looking to be relevant in diverse business fields by becoming better and effective business managers. KCA University’s program covers a broad range of business applications and principles that professionals may encounter in the global business environment. This course is ideal for business professionals looking to advance their careers and qualifications for employability or relevance in diverse international business fields.

Bottom line

Before signing up for professional certifications in Kenya, it is essential to make a few considerations. Perform a thorough background check on the institution you wish to take the course at, ensure your employer can finance your course, ensure the course is relevant to your career goals and objectives, and lastly, ensure you can spare time in your busy schedule to attend the course.

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